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How much short-term disability pay does workers’ comp offer?

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

Your bills won’t stop building up just because you get hurt at work. If anything, an injury on the job will probably mean that you have more expenses because of medical costs. You might even need to buy special equipment if you hope to recover at home with your injury or new medical condition.

Some workers are lucky to work for companies large enough to accommodate them no matter how serious their injury from work is. Once they no longer require hospitalization or total bed rest, they can find a way to get back to work. A company might be able to give someone to hurt new administrative responsibilities or allow them to work from home while they recover.

For others, especially those who work in customer service, manufacturing and similar hands-on fields, they will find that they can’t go back to work until they heal. Workers’ compensation disability benefits can offer protection for those currently unable to work. How much can you expect to receive after you apply for such benefits while living and working in Illinois?

The benefit won’t fully replace your lost wages

Workers’ compensation is a crucial benefit for those who get hurt on the job. Without workers’ compensation, people who got hurt at work might have huge medical bills to pay while also struggling with the loss of their income.

Illinois workers’ compensation will cover your medical expenses or reimburse you for them. It can also replace your wages until you can get back to work. Unfortunately, the system will not replace all of your lost wages, but will instead provide a maximum benefit of 2/3 of your average weekly wage. How long you can receive these benefits will depend on recommendations from doctors.

The state also limits the total amount of this benefit, so higher earners may receive less than two-thirds of their average weekly wage. Currently, the maximum weekly benefit rate is $1,210.45, although there will be another adjustment in mid-July to that amount.

Maximizing your benefits takes preparation

Although workers’ compensation benefits will not cover all of the costs that you incur, the benefits it offers can help offset your costs and lost income. If you have help with paperwork and navigating the bureaucracy, you will be able to avoid common mistakes and keep your focus on getting better as soon as possible.